Our Story Audentes fortuna iuvat

The idea aroused back in 2015 when three of the most talented people made a promise to themselves: restlessly help others in this fast-paced world to find the way to their dreams!

We are no ordinary geek squad, we do things for others, so they can do what is the most important to them. We do put our hearts into each assignment and we do not say no as long the idea has pacific intentions.

Doers is all about quality not quantity and that’s one of the reasons why we are three and not corporation of three hundred. You might be worry about waiting time and delays? Don’t be, more doesn’t mean faster. In return for your patience, we give you quality and meticulously crafted product that will give you sensation of lifetime, guaranteed!

Doers promises receptive, sincere approach without wheedling so you can make the right decision and count on Doers to do what Doers promises to do, because it’s your success that matters.


Living the Dreams Acta non verba

We believe that everyone has unique ideas and we give prominence to that uniqueness in our work. Every project we do is unique, yet very familiar to you. Don’t just dream it, start living it!

Things we do to make your dreams a reality:

  • IT development and architecture consultation
  • Database design/architecture
  • Responsive websites and web applications
  • Content and other management systems
  • E-shops
  • News portals
  • Audio and Video processing, delivery, streaming, recording
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, ВКонтакте and more (automatic publication, statistics, streaming)
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Maintenance and analysis of legacy code
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Data migrations
  • IoT applications and devices
  • Custom Needs? Doers Do Custom Solutions!

They had a dream, we made it real:


The Doers Themselves Sine qua non

Jan Záruba


Jan loves doing what he is best at and typing zeros and ones in speed of light is certainly a thing he loves the most. His talent is recognized not only by the collective he works with, but also by Microsoft Corp. and its community where he is contributing with his knowledge, unique skills and innovations.

Jan began his career as web developer and in just couple of years he gained Software Architect title, not just for his incredible skills in .NET but for his enthusiasms and priceless contribution when working on projects.

Either you are looking for just an advice or a solution, Jan won’t hesitate to get his hands “dirty”. In fact, when he was appointed as the IT consultant for the State Office for Nuclear Safety he ended up developing a GIS application, since only he knew what to do, and it made sense to just do it!

What does Jan do when he is not making zeros and ones alive? He lives his life to its full potential by conquering Alps and skiing like a pro, traveling the world and discovering other cultures and languages. Jan welcomes adventure, challenges and the higher the challenge is the more he is interested in.

Jan also knows how to chill out, so when there is a moment to put his feet up, he does it so by coding apps for developers, Unicode screensavers, keyboard layouts and remarkable editor’s extensions.

A fact that might knock your socks off – Jan loves coding only at the highest code quality and he won’t release anything that is not a second to none.

Hana Fatkić


Hana is our most precious Doeress in the Doers family. She loves solving puzzles and creating things, either by coding thousands of beautifully crafted lines of code that make the digital world come to live or just by simply engineering IoT (Internet of Things) to bring humanity closer to the future.

Probably most of mortals will get puzzled with: “Why a lady would prefer engineering and IT over a more elegant career such as ballet or art?” Well, let us tell you the admiring fact about Hana. She is the only one in our life we have met that manages to make coding of software and building things in such elegant and flawless way that it’s a joy to watch how objects become alive with every key stroke. It’s an art of coding and every line of code she writes is written with perfection.

Hana’s life-time goal would be to create amazing devices that not everyone believes is doable, but her attitude and heart-driven vision of “combining beautiful things known only from fairy tales with the technology to produce extraordinary things which would be loved by kids and appreciated as much by adults” won’t let her rest.

Simply said, she is gifted, and the Doers family is ecstatic that fate brought us together.

Lukáš Šafránek


Lukáš is a man who lives up to his words with visions and ideas that challenges the technology and keep Doers moving forward.

He might not write a line of code, but his analytical mind, experience to recognize talent and read critical situations is nothing short of remarkable. It was also the drive for Lukáš to pursue CSI studies and career as a detective, so he could help others.

Fortunately, for Lukáš and the Doers family, he bumped into Hana and Jan and when all three have realized how perfect team they make with their skills and talents combined, they all decided to set one dream for all - the dream is called Doers.

Lukáš is natural speaker, leader and person that values another person’s knowledge, skills and attitude to make the environment we live and work in a better place. His passions are running long-distance, traveling the world, researching latest consumer technologies and video & audio editing. Lukáš also loves writing in such unique way that the style could be named after him.

Lukáš is the link between Doers and you, he will be there for you and ensure your dreams become reality. He is your voice and our face.


Start Living Your Dream Carpe diem

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